If You Love Wine, Check Out This Sommelier and His New Book!

Charles Springfield’s new book about rosé is sure to excite you if you’re a wine lover.

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If you clicked on this article, chances are you like wine! If you like it, but aren’t sure about different kinds of wine or what goes best with them all, then you’ll love reading this. Charles Springfield, a New-York-City-based certified sommelier, has released his second book on rosé wine. For those of you who don’t know, a sommelier (or wine steward) is a trained and knowledgable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing! Springfield’s first book, The Less is More Approach to Wine, is an extension of his wine classes, offering those who read it valuable info on the origins of wine and how to successfully shop for and serve various kinds of wine!


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Springfield’s second book, Maneuvering Rosé Wine With Style, as you can probably guess, discusses everything about a cool glass of rosé. Springfield’s inspiration for this book came not long after the release of his first book, when he was at a wine tasting sponsored by Vins de Provence last spring. He begins his book with his own journey on wine discovery, and then goes into the delegitimization of rosé wine in the world of wine; some people just don’t take this kind of wine seriously! He then goes into what makes this wine so special and what it is best paired with, all the while offering a tone that is very calm, educated, and reassuring. You feel that you are receiving expert advice with every printed word.



In an article by Forbes, Springfield is asked questions by writers about his book, his experience, and his connections. Springfield’s reasoning for writing his second book was his wine students and the desire to make this type of wine better understood. He states:


The major inspiration for writing this book, however, is my wine students. Their thirst for knowledge about different wine styles and categories inspired me to write a book to strip away the hype surrounding rosé and present the heart and soul of a complex wine category that gets underestimated because of its appearance and overshadowed by social situations. While it is a highly popular and widely consumed wine category now, many people only understand rosé from a limited point-of-view. I wanted to write a book that shows consumers the full picture.


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To separate his book from other rosé wine books, Springfield modeled his book after the classes he has been teaching in New York City. He feels that his book is one-part seminar, one-part class, and one-part open discussion, creating a new rosé wine book that offers something a little different than the average. Springfield tried to make the book as conversational as he possibly could (because let’s face it, if you’re like me, reading informational books with daunting language or heavily complex ideas totally turns you off to reading it). So, don’t be afraid to pick this one up if you are interested.



Springfield believes that the point of being a sommelier is to make wine more accessible, fun, and approachable to others. He argues that wine is for everyone and continuously reaffirms this belief, even for those who believe that it isn’t. He encourages those who don’t have experience with wine to get tasting and find out what they like and dislike, and to just trust their own palates.


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Typically, Springfield’s format for his classes consist of five to seven wines for his students. The wine class themes range from Wine 101, The Art of Wine Tasting, Old World versus New World Wines, Regions of France, Italy, Spain or the United States, Southern Hemisphere Wines, Sparkling wines and, of course, Rosé wines from Around the World. How cool! The wine class then goes into food pairings, with an average of ten to twenty people per class.


For any readers based in NYC, you can go to Charles Springfield’s website and get in contact with Charles to sign up for one of his classes! Also, you can check out his Instagram page to get a feel for his style of work! Happy reading (and drinking!)!

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