Ranking 10 Memorable Foods From Popular Fiction

Here is a list of all those foods from the literature that was so lovingly described that they wouldn’t leave your mind. Whether that be due to horror or hunger, every item is more notable than the last.

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We all remember the moment in popular fiction when our favorite character dies or the villain is finally captured, or the two leads finally get together. But what about the food?  Maybe you haven’t realized it, but I bet there are foods from your favorite books that you’ve salivated over, and then perhaps forgotten about. Here’s a list recapping, and ranking, famous literary foods that you may have forgotten you hungered for, or even, were disgusted by.

10. Butter Beer from Harry Potter


In Harry Potter, there are no limits to delicious food. One of the most memorable, if not the most memorable, consumables from the franchise, Hogmeade’s renowned classic Butter beer has become synonimous with the series.. This drink is so iconic, Harry Potter themed bars, events and even Universal’s theme park sell cups of it as an exclusive treat.

9. Blood from the Twilight series


While of course, this isn’t quite food, it is described as such by the narrative of this series. The descriptions given of the smell and allure of blood are so detailed that it’s hard not to wonder about the flavor is to the main cast. Specifically, the blood bag drink that Bella consumes in Breaking Dawn was described as being so delicious, we almost hungered for it ourselves.

8. Red Wedding Meal from Song of Ice and Fire


The infamous red wedding, a tragedy of grand proportions that killed off many beloved characters, also had iconically disgusting food. With cold, wet veggies and jellied calves brains, this meal sent chills down the spines of readers and is notable as an omen for the bloodshed to come.

7. Abnegation Dinner from Divergent


It’s been a while since the heyday of the Divergent series. Most of us probably haven’t read the series in years. That being said, one meal always sticks out in my mind when I think of this series. When Tris lived as a member of abnegation, she was made to act without a thought for herself and to eat without indulgence. Thus, it’s mentioned that for dinner they would eat bland chicken for dinner. While gross, it’s memorable in that it is a creative bit of worldbuilding and helps emphasize her formerly restrained life.

6. Almost Tea from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy is an interesting book, to say the least. The most whimsical and absurd elements of this book are in fact the most interesting. One such absurd moment involves a machine that makes a liquid “not entirely unlike tea.” Which is cryptic, but intriguing.

5. Green Eggs and Ham from Green Eggs and Ham 


This one is a no-brainer. Dr. Suess’ classic children’s book has long been cherished by young people. With that comes the common desire to taste the titular meal. After an entire children’s story spent describing the treat, it’s difficult not to crave it. Sure, it could taste the same as normally colored eggs and ham, but more interestingly, perhaps they wouldn’t.

4. ‘Eat Me’ Cakes from Alice In Wonderland


Sure these cakes are more interesting for their effects on the protagonist than for their flavor but, who cares? These cakes have the power to make the consumer grow or shrink at will. They also, yes, do sound delicious.

3.  Lamb and Plum Stew From The Hunger Games


Wow, wow, wow, just like Katniss, the extravagance of the Capitol fills us with wonder and awe. Who wouldn’t read of the luxurious lifestyle of the capitalists and salivate at the idea of a feast? Katniss surely does. Her favorite of the meals, the lamb and plum stew, is described in such a way that we think it’d be scrumptious.

2. Turkish Delights from The Chronicles of Narnia


Young Edmund sold his whole family to an evil woman for just a bit of this European treat. Of course, this makes us want it more than ever. That being said, I’ve tried it and it’s truthfully just okay, but, nonetheless, most readers will come away from the series with a strong desire to try this sweet.

1. Candy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Sure maybe this one is a bit vague, but truly, is anything more memorable than this? The chocolate river, edible factory among other treats are among children’s greatest wishes. While of course, yes, there is Wonka brand candy, there are still many treats that have never been successfully recreated. Therefore, this food sits at the number one spot on this list.